About Us

TA PROJE Engineering & Consulting

TA PROJECT ENGINEERING CONSULTING CONTRACTING AND TRADE LTD. Sti. In 2015 Was established in Istanbul and operates in the field of Electro-Mechanical installations and consultancy works.

Our company has successfully completed many electrical and mechanical installation projects such as housing, cultural center, educational buildings. As the founders of the company, the companies that we have worked in before have led many projects that serve different purposes such as hotels, shopping centers, high-rise housing, wellness centers, integrated factories, logistics and food warehouses and university campus. .



TA Proje Logo

“We wish to work on the projects that we designed knowing that comfort life is a necessity and energy saving is a necessity…”

TA Project; In addition to employing knowledgeable and experienced colleagues in the market for many years, it also works with idealistic, innovative and dynamic individuals.

Since 2010, we are pleased to share our experience in engineering, design and consultancy services for many small, medium and large scale buildings and / or facilities.

Electromechanical installation engineering applications in the appreciation of the country and contribute to the country's economy.

Our Vision

In line with the demands and expectations of our customers with innovative and solution-oriented approaches, to provide our services quickly and accurately and to guide them.

Our Mission